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вторник, 14 июня 2011 г.

Underground water survey

We offer services:
·        Underground water survey;
·        Points location for water-well drilling.
We  work with unique technology which consists of:
·       Biogeophysical method (BGF);
·       Resonance-acoustic profiling (RAP);
·       Electric prospecting in modification of transition state method (TSM).
This technology works so well in any geological settings, giving almost 100% result in water-well drilling even in rocky regions and human settlement.  Achievement of a great result, using conventional geophysical methods, is so difficult, sometimes impossible, task in these places. Why? Because all of them are very sensitive to different obstacles, also they need big expense of labour and time, although precision of located points for water-well drilling is quite approximately.
This unique technology is especially effective in water survey:
·       In complicated geological settings of rocky regions;
·       In human settlement under different anthropogenic obstacles.
Main elements of technology are the following:
1.        BGF method can reveal faults and their intersections (nodes) so fast, which are the most appropriate  places for water accumulation.
2.        A short profile of RAP goes perpendicularly to the fault strike on this local area. Finally, we obtain  geomechanical sections. We can predict fractured zones of rocks, analyzing these sections. Eventually, we are dead sure where a drill machine should stay.
3.        For more info. go to: http://www.rap-bgf-voda.narod.ru/2010-08-04.htm
4.        In order to estimate water abundance of zones, as well as salinity of underground water underneath of zones, TSM  could be carried out additionally.
So, this technology is very efficient and economical. We guarantee to determine in the shortest time where operational wells should be deployed, without pre-drilling exploration wells! Thus it reduces total cost of work very much.
As an example, the successful application of this technology has solved a problem with water supply of Zlatoust (Златоуст) city, Chelyabinsk region. Absolutely all wells (40 units) in different areas of the city gave a good yield! Until 2007 year, geoscientists had believed that this area practically did not have underground water resources.
For  more information about this technology go to а thesis of a report on  EngGeo-2011 conference in Moscow : http://www.rel-mgrt.narod.ru/files/Tezisyeg2011.pdf
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